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June 2019 PGWA Newsletter – Market Ups & Downs

It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through 2019!  I hope you’ve had a good Memorial Day celebration and fun start to your summer activities. Moving through the year has been a wild one as the US large stock market indexes hit new highs and then gave some of...

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April 2019 PGWA Newsletter – Financial Literacy

You can use an Internet search engine to find numerous resources for helping students and adults learn about financial literacy (FinLit).  One FinLit definition comes from Investopedia – “it is the education and understanding of various financial areas, including...

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March 2019 PGWA Newsletter on 5G Technology

Is 5G going to change how we get from point A to point B?  Is a Vehicle Subscription Service in your future? Recently, Forbes Magazine had an article on developing technology that was going to significantly impact creativity and accelerate a new industrial...

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March 2019 PGWA Newsletter on Tax Scams

It's tax filing time again.  I hope you are doing well in the process (maybe even done)!  I wanted to pass on tips related to tax scams which are now becoming more numerous.  Also, 5G technological advances are being discussed more frequently. A significant change is...

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February 2019 PGWA Newsletter

Well January has certainly started off 2019 with fitful stops and starts.  It remains to be seen how the US government reboot will proceed.  There's a lull, but storm warnings are likely ahead. Last month also saw the passing of an extremely influential leader in the...

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January 2019 PGWA Newsletter

After reaching all-time highs earlier this year, the nearly decade-long bull market has been transforming itself throughout the fourth quarter. As of this writing in late December, the Dow and S&P 500, which are both in corrections, are on track for their worst...

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