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October 2019 PGWA Newsletter – Market Volatility

It's officially Autumn! Now we turn to prepping for the holiday season. Also, it may be of interest to read the daily headlines of breaking news items. It's been another interesting month and many conflicts are bubbling.  Consumer confidence index falling, Washington,...

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September 2019 PGWA Newsletter

Schools back in session and cooler weather on the way!  I hope you’re having a good start to your fall. This month's newsletter focuses on a topic that deserves consideration for most people, life insurance.  Life insurance and its options to give you peace of mind....

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August 2019 PGWA Newsletter – Dementia and Loved Ones

The market continues on its winning streak recently hitting new highs.  Some financial indicators and market watchers are urging more caution as we head into the fall, so I’ll be observing and communicating with you about economic activity that might impact us....

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July 2019 PGWA Newsletter – An International Adventure

I hope you're having a good summer.  As part of your summer plans you may be taking a trip somewhere.  The trip may be to a new destination or an old favorite. This journey could be the catalyst for future adventures or setting up residence somewhere unfamiliar.  This...

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June 2019 PGWA Newsletter – Market Ups & Downs

It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through 2019!  I hope you’ve had a good Memorial Day celebration and fun start to your summer activities. Moving through the year has been a wild one as the US large stock market indexes hit new highs and then gave some of...

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April 2019 PGWA Newsletter – Financial Literacy

You can use an Internet search engine to find numerous resources for helping students and adults learn about financial literacy (FinLit).  One FinLit definition comes from Investopedia – “it is the education and understanding of various financial areas, including...

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